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Awareness Campaign I Can Really Get Behind

I don’t have enough arms for all the awareness bracelets I should be wearing. And that’s just unacceptable. There’s no way to grow more arms and you’re not supposed to go around ripping them off of other people. ┬áBut what can I do to show my own deep awareness while also ensuring that everyone I know can see how aware I am and hopefully become aware?

Comedian, director, editor, and big-hearted activist Zach Kahn finally has a solution.

This is my call for the whole world to join in on the only campaign your wrists ever need to call attention to again.

This incredible fact about children and their awareness really drives home the need for this campaign.

Don’t forget to show your support on Facebook, and then go ahead and order your bracelet awareness bracelets today. Make a difference. Be aware.

Also, there is very very very moving music on the site. Be warned. You will cry.

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  1. zack says:

    thank you for helping spread this important message, Nikol. You are like a modern day Mother Theresa but that parties.

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