It's pronounced HAYZ-ler, you dweebs.

Elvina Beck, You’re Dreamy

I got to shoot a series of challenge videos recently for our Net Connectors web site, and I basically fell in love with this girl who is about the size of one of my legs, but could probably kick my ass, and she made my heart beat fast. Take a look at the girl who made cartoon birdies spin around my skull.

Oh, and also, you should do something with this video challenge so you can win an iPod and help your elders understand technology.




2 Responses to “Elvina Beck, You’re Dreamy”

  1. Elvina Beck Fan says:

    Way Dreamyyyy! If you want more of her, check her out on
    It’s a great show!

  2. holler says:

    thank God they changed that picture

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