It's pronounced HAYZ-ler, you dweebs.

Oh, Balls, It’s Friday

Guys. I just- I don’t have it in me to do a video post right now. I’m slammed at work trying to get other people to make videos for the If I Were President series, and father’s day. You could be helping with those, you know?

Also, my advice column is caput. Which blows a lot for many reasons, the main one being I can no longer loftily say “I’m an advice columnist.” when people ask me what I do, and now my boyfriend can use the line “Maybe I should write to your advice column. Oh wait. You don’t write it anymore.” when I try to give him my opinion on things. So, looks like I need to new column, STAT. Who’s hiring? This is a serious matter. (Also, that column was damn good.)

Two great things happened this week. One of them was coming across some old photos that are very sexy and helped remind me that I may have some hotness in me somewhere. To offset the obese picture of me from last week, feast your eyes on this photo of me in a bathtub.

Yeah, that's right. I can be sexy, too!

The other great thing was that this video hit the internet.

Watch the whole thing, you knuckleheads, and try to tell me that you didn’t let out an involuntary “Awwwww.”

More later, but for NOW, go upload a frigging If I Were President Video and make my life better. Please. I’m begging you. Do it for the girl in the bathtub.

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